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10 Positive Feng Shui Tips for your Bedroom

Since the average person spends almost a third of their life in their bedroom, applying some basic Feng Shui principles in the space may serve you very well. Just think how much better you'll feel every morning if you’ve taken some steps to improve the flow of positive energy throughout your bedroom. Here are ten positive tips you can follow to encourage positive energy in your bedroom.

Tip #1 - Reduce the flow of electricity

Electromagnetic fields in the bedroom can be very detrimental to your personal energy. Look around your bedroom and try to reduce the number of electronic devices. Move electric alarm clocks further from your bed, or replace them with small battery powered clocks. Televisions can also cause problems in the bedroom. If you must have one, you should select one that can be closed behind an armoire when not in use.

Tip #2 - Remove mirrors from the bedroom, or at least cover them at night

Mirrors left uncovered at night are known for causing problems in the bedroom. A couple might be more likely to experience infidelity, and a single person will reduce their chances of attracting a partner. Mirrors in the bedroom can also aggravate depression, health issues and increase stress.

Tip #3 - Be careful what you hang over your bed

Images over your bed should be something positive that you dream about. Choose art and buy wall plaques that are calming, or which represents things that support your dreams and aspirations. However, don't hang water images anywhere within the bedroom, as the bedroom is the wrong place for the type of energy that water attracts.

Tip #4 - Remove all clutter

As is the case with all rooms within your home, you can improve the flow of positive energy by removing anything that isn't needed, and reducing the level of clutter within the room.

Tip #5 - Place your bed where you can see the doorway

Never place your bed on the same wall as the doorway itself. Instead, position the bed so that you can see the incoming flow of energy, as well as anybody who enters the room.

Tip #6 - Increase the air flow in the room

It can help bring positive energy as well as fresh air into the room if you open the windows every day. If the weather is cold, use an air purifier or incense.

Tip #7 - Don't mix sleep and work

Try to keep your desk or office work space out of the bedroom. If it must be there, then try to divide the area with a room divider or screen.

Tip #8 - Control the lighting within the room

Although light is very important, since it contains a lot of energy, you want to be able to have appropriate lighting in the bedroom. A dimmer switch can help, as can candles.

Tip #9 - Keep all bedroom doors closed at night

By closing the bedroom door, along with any closet doors, you will be creating the best level of energy within the bedroom for sleeping.

Tip #10 - Use soothing colors

Soothing natural colors are best for the bedroom; they positively affect the energy in the room and they promote restful sleep. Buy floor vases online that have serene colors and Asian design then fill them will freestanding bamboo reeds for a touch of nature that is totally low maintenance.

With signature design style, Jessica Ackerman, an online writer with WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, describes bold approaches to unique candle wall sconces and marine fish wall art.

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