Steps to gain the treasures of the life- magic of positive psychology. Book 2

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All people have identical starting opportunities to transform the life in a happiness and gain all the treasures of the life. Every person has an identical opportunity to be happy, but only ones take advantage, and others do not. In this book you will find out the universal method of attracting happiness to your life. Magic of positive psychology guarantees to transform you in a happy, cheerful, and successful person.

Life consists of two streams of emotions: negative and positive. Negative emotions guide a person to failure and to poverty; positive to success and riches. Try to discover in any situation something positive. Certainly for this purpose, it is necessary to think more and filter a negative emotional stream, transform it in positive one, to accustom mind to perceive and form positive emotions.

In this book you'll get to know how to change the life and to transform it into a holiday and how to operate positive and negative energy, how to transform them into the powerful tool, aimed to help you in realizing of your desires.

It is cool to own something real, because there is not so much real in the world. And the magic Psychology is that true technique which allows to learn by means of mind to grant the desires and to stop readout lost of days and years. Everything begins to find sense owing to Magic Psychology. Clinking of glasses and fun, dances under beats of hearts, favorable coincidence of circumstances, when every tomorrow is better than every yesterday, constant presence of tenderness, all this is only small shred of real values we receive as a gift from Magic Psychology. During each hour we should make this or that choice and human life varies depending on this choice in the favorable side, or to the unfavorable side.

When the person refuses himself in execution of the desires, motivating this decision by the absence of opportunities he/she simply punishes the heart. It is impossible to ignore the ideas and feelings. It is necessary to start to grant the desires. Skill to execute the desires is a science, it is an opportunity of transformation of castles in Spain in the true castles. The magic Psychology guarantees expected result only in the event the person acts. Dreams and desires execute only when they are a basis of actions.

The magic Psychology teaches us to make a choice thus to enjoy the best in a life, instead of simple observance of disappearing minutes. The magic Psychology this is art to live, this is an opportunity to possess a free time, to enjoy a free time and to give it to loving people. All secrets of Magic Psychology you will find in the electronic book "Steps to gain the treasures of the life - magic of positive psychology. Book 2 "


Chapter 1: Who is well off and who suffers from the life
Chapter 2: Black-and-white life is decorated in bright colors
Chapter 3: The Relentless law of the Nature can make a life beautiful
Chapter 4: How to absorb senses in the powerful hypnotic tool
Chapter 5: As hearts open and are worked wonders
Chapter 6: Life is shining, fascinating and bewitches
Chapter 7. Subtle aroma of a modern life
Chapter 8: The first necessary step to power in modern life
Chapter 9: Who enjoys in Edem, which you create?
Chapter 10: Secret always brings Success
Chapter 11: The past meets with the present
Chapter 12: How to collect all the best in a life
Chapter 13. Form your mystical authority
Chapter 14. Secret essence of things
Chapter 15: O, Happiness, at last we have found each other!
Chapter 16: How the person becomes the companion of Fortune
Chapter 17: Reflection of the mirror
Chapter 18: Nobody can forget you, having seen only ones
Chapter 19: What does not allow a life to give you fine gifts
Chapter 20: How to take pleasure and feel sweet of a life
Chapter 21: How you can change a course of events
Chapter 22: Your life is what it is, but you can change it
Chapter 23: Secret, which is inaccessible to the ordinary people
Chapter 24: Your life will miraculously change
Chapter 25: Secret of your happy future
Chapter 26: Your additional powerful energy source
Chapter 27: How and why problems are solved themselves
Chapter 28: How the life becomes comfortable and cozy
Chapter 29: What is your personal meaning of the life and how to find it
Chapter 30: The Magic formula of desire realization
Chapter 31: How to realize your desires
Chapter 32: Everything as in your dreams
Chapter 33: Where are your gold reserves?
Chapter 34: Beatitude, which lasts all your life
P. S. Now you will enjoy a life

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