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The CHILDREN, CREATIVITY AND ENTERTAINMENT area is located in West area of your home and/or business. This area represents creativity and it's birth. Birth of children, a new idea, a project, or anything that is creative. Enhance this area when you want to conceive, to be more creative or improve relationships with children.

So first of all you need to build an Individual Feng shui map (how to do it - Luck with personal Feng Shui) and according to the map you will need to activate the area for children, creativity and entertainment.

In my e-book The treasury feng shui secrets of success and riches I write in detail what should you do to have respective relations with children, the creative ideas visiting you and you have time to entertain. Because the wrong subject or color in this area of your home and/or business can lead to lack of opportunities and crushing of hopes and dreams.

Here some tips for spirituality, helpful people and travel (do not make hasty acts, subject of much study the secrets I reveal in my e- books: some people may make one, the others may not do the same):

  1. 1

    - Place malachite and carnelian to enhance creativity


  2. 2

    - Place here televisions, stereos, DVD, computers


  3. 3

    - Place here fresh blooming flowers

    fresh blooming flowers

  4. 4

    - Photos of family and children are good here


  5. 5

    - Here the best area to place the piano


  6. 6

    - Keep here the toys of your child


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