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Feng shui calendar is very useful tool to attract luck, success and happiness. According to Chinese theory every day has the power of one of 5 elements (water, wood, fire, metal and earth). Every person is being influenced by these five elements, some elements coordinate and stimulate the person's energy, the other elements only weigh down.

So when you are planning important event do not forget to bring it into correlation with Feng Shui Calendar. Plan your date of engagement or marriage only on favorable for you days, so you will have passion love and trust during whole mutual life. You should always bring into correlation important negotiations and trade dates with with Feng Shui Calendar, your competitors will be amazed of your lucky star.

How to use this FENG SHUI CALENDAR:

You should find out what elements fill you with force and what elements empty you. You can do it from my  e-book Create your luck with personal feng shui Every sun day  is connected with one of five powerful elements that fill each person with force . How these elements influence your life is possible to find out in section "Colors of clothes ".
Find in this section the birth date click on it and find out, how each of five elements influences on you. After that choose interesting year in this section and find out how these elements influence your destiny.

Days with Wood element and events that are possible in this day are marked with Green color.
Days with Fire element and events that are possible in this day are marked with Red color.
Days with Earth element and events that are possible in this day are marked with Yellow color.
Days with Metal element and events that are possible in this day are marked with White color.
Days with Water element and events that are possible in this day are marked with Black color.
Planning actions choose for serious one the days that connected with elements which are favorable for you.

Q - Thank you very much for your help. I have one more question, if the person born in the year of element water, does it mean that person element is water? I look up Vietnamese feng shui book its indicated that I am born in the year of the dog with element of wood which is not match with Chinese which is element of earth? Can you please shed some light to the issue.

A- The element of the year doesn't play any significant role in individual feng shui map and the element of the year doesn't mean the same element to the person. The element of the year, day, birth hour, element of the name , element of the place of birth and residence are used for contracting luck pillars.

I prefer traditional Chinese feng shui and propose in my e-books ancient doctrines adapted to modern life where ancient secrets revealed for attracting to your life flow of money, trustful relations, strong health, and success in any business.

Back to your question, the element of your birth year is earth according to Chinese calendar.

Wish you the best of the luck

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