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FENG SHUI CRYSTALSCrystal – is one of the basic symbols of Earth element, so it can be placed in the south-west, north-east or central corners of your home and office.

Feng shui traditionally use rock crystals, but you can use amethyst crystals (the best type of crystals to use for physical healing) you can also use Rose Quartz crystals to balance the emotional status, it will help you to find your significant other or use citrine crystals or jade ( the best type of crystal to use for attracting money). The crystals make better the quality of the natural light and will diffuse it in every corner of your home and office.

FENG SHUI CRYSTALSCrystal globe placed in south –west corner strengthen the relations, when to place it in the north-east corner the crystal will stimulate the craving for knowledge, when to place it in the east corner the crystal will help to realize successfully career plans; but I want once again to notice everything should be done according to your individual feng shui map how to construct it learn my e-books Luck with personal feng shui and The treasury Feng Shui Secrets of Success and Riches).

You can also wear the crystals as Feng Shui jewelry. The crystals can protect you from the negative issues coming from people around you. Crystals come from deep within the earth so that we should not underestimate the power of crystals. We must always remember that the practice of Feng Shui is a powerful balance of our life and nature.

Articles related to feng shui symbols

Q- What do the images of celestial bodies symbolize – sun, moon, and stars? A- The sunrise is the symbol of Fire element. The sunset is the symbol of the end of the characters connected with the sector,

The fish is a symbol of wealth, one that is widely used to attract wealth luck for its owners. Chinese word Yu, which means fish, phonetically matches the word for abundance, – therefore, the fish is an auspicious item to have since it augments your Wealth and Career luck as well.

Dragons are the most representative symbols of the Chinese enhancers. Feng shui dragons are also very symbolic and allow to create balance in people's lives and space. Feng shui dragons represent the yang energy. This strong force portrays creativity and activity. They can symbolize success in achievements and in prosperity

Laughing Buddha is a standard and ultimate symbol of happiness in Feng Shui. Feng shui Buddha symbolizes good Luck and Abundance Feng Shui Energy. Happy Energy of Abundance comes with Buddha to your house or business.

n our normal day-to-day routine, we are often confronted with negativity, whether due to people or situations. Subconsciously, we get anxious and are thrown out of balance, corrupting ourselves in the process. But if we surround ourselves with beauty, kindness and the sweetness of life, we can live in harmony and attract the positive forces.

Red – is the color of success according to Chinese traditions. This color is very yang and symbolizes Fire. This is very powerful element and putting a ribbon you enhance positive influences and suppress negative influences.

Traditional mean of symbols in feng shui doctrine

Wind chimes are arrangements of metal, glass, wood, shell, pottery etc., that produce sound when the wind blows past them, also they balance the energy in the premise they hang. They can range in size from a few inches to several feet and retail from a few dollars to a several hundred dollars. 

To harmonize a room you need only three main feng shui enhancers: appropriate windchimes, candles and crystals. With the help of these simple things you can enhance positive energy and transform negative into positive one

Any living plant or tree concerns to the wood element in five-element theory of Feng Shui. The wood element associates with constant growth: growth in money, at work, at living level and even in self-motivation

Feng Shui Candles are beautiful and the decorating trend. Every room looks beautiful when decorated with a Feng Shui candle. If you are decorating with candles and using the principles of Feng Shui, follow your individual feng shui map

The crystals can protect you from the negative issues coming from people around you. Crystals come from deep within the earth so that we should not underestimate the power of crystals. We must always remember that the practice of Feng Shui is a powerful balance of our life and nature

The money frog or toad is associated with monetary gain, wealth and good health The 3 legged frog holds a Chinese coin in it's mouth and sits upon a pile of coins; these 2 feng shui symbols: a coin in the mouth gives additional emphasis to prosperity. Money Frog protects against misfortune and brings good fortune and wealth to the household.

The Dragon protects a home from negative energies. The Dragon is feng shui symbol of longevity in your home, especially for the head of the house. The dragon headed turtle is also a powerful symbol of wealth, health, prosperity and protection.

Chinese coins symbolize prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. The reason they bring prosperity is because of its unique shape. The square in the center represents the energy of the earth and the circle represents the chi of heaven. This union of heaven and earth will be most effective for attracting flow of prosperity and good luck to your life.

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