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All objects resonate to a particular vibration depending on their dimensions, this can bring good luck and benevolence or misfortune and ill health. The energies that most strongly effect you are that of objects which are important to you or that you spend a great deal of time immersed in e.g., your desk, bed, office/arm chair.

Also important is the measurement of the front door as this is the particular quality of Ch'i (energy) that is being invited in to your home or workplace.

Paint a line or tape on ribbon around the door or object to provide the illusion it is a different size.

Ideas: anything you carry on your body (jewellery/cases), letterboxes, receipt books, cash registers, tills, fences, gates, front counters, items for holding important documents, suit cases, telephones, wallets, purses, cots, pens used for signing cheques or important documents.

Here are some lucky dimensions according to measurement intervals:

Section One is associated to wealth, riches and abundance. The followings are the actual intervals.

- 0 to 2.125in; 17 to 19.125in; 34 to 36.125in; 51 to 53.125in

The other section is associated scholastic luck, education growth and increased income. The followings are the actual intervals.

- 8.5 to 10.625in; 25.5 to 27.625in; 42.5 to 44.625in; 59.5 to 61.625in

The detailed information about other lucky dimensions (interval by interval) and negative dimensions you can find in my e-book "Create your luck with personal Feng shui"


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