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Feng shui earth element description - color, shape, geographical direction, symbol.

FENG SHUI EARTH ELEMENT Earth is very strong and powerful element, it symbolizes life energy and intelligence.Earth elemnt symbolizes stability, self-confidence, and reliability. This feng shui element symbolizes stability, patience and honesty. It is used to strengthen will-power and family happiness. The earth element influences on physical strength and order, generates the materially-minded feelings, stability. The excess of this element can make the atmosphere of boredom and jealousy, sluggishness and pomposity. The lack of this element causes  the feelings of spontaneity, chaotic and unfocused state

Feng shui earth element description

Earth color   

yellow, earth tones

Earth shape or surface

stones, square shape, pictures with sand, mountains    

Earth geographical direction

south-west, north-east

Earth chinese name Tu
Earth human symbol

early youth years

Earth symbol Emperor
Earth geometrical symbol Square
Earth subjects

ceramic, porcelain wares, crystal vases, globe

Earth Ying and Yang ratio


Earth positive combination Earth and Fire
Earth destructive combination

Earth and Wood

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