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Feng shui fire element description - color, shape, geographical direction, symbol.

FENG SHUI FIRE ELEMENT Fire is very strong and powerful element, it symbolizes life energy and intelligence. Fire symbolizes and brings activity, enthusiasm and energy, it increases vitality and leader skills. Use this element to have the feeling of power, and courage. It is a warm element that must be treated with measure since too much of it can destroy what surrounds it. The excess of this element leads to irritability and hot temper, delivers anger and aggressiveness,  and impulse behavior. The lack of fire leads to emotional cold, absence of look, inexpressiveness and lack of self-esteem.

Feng shui fire element description

Fire color   

red, pink and more violet

Fire shape or surface

subjects of peaked and three-cornered shape, pictures with sunrise or flying bird, unlights, fire sun

Fire geographical direction


Fire chinese name Huo
Fire human symbol

the puberty years

Fire symbol Phoenix
Fire geometrical symbol Triangle
Fire subjects

candles, lightening, incenses, articles from coat, feather, electric devices

Fire Ying and Yang ratio

more Yang

Fire positive combination Fire and Wood
Fire destructive combination

Fire and Water

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