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Feng shui pictures and paintings


On the following pages of this section you will find main feng shui tips for house: feng shui colors, symbols for house, feng shui lay-out for house, pictures in house, feng shui design for house, feng shui furniture, feng shui tips for success in all spheres, pictures and wallpapers for harmonizing energy in house, feng shui lightening, curtains, lamps, mirrors, ceiling beam, calendar on transferring to a new house.

The house for a person is one of the basic subjects to feel protected and successful. We decorate our houses with love and according to our intuition. Our house is our fortress. This is a place where we have a rest, sleep and muster ours strength. This place should be very pleasant,
harmonious and comfortable.

Feng shui bases on knowledge to make our homes comfortable and harmonious. At a close sight you will find out the similarity of your intuition and this knowledge. Take a privilege of feng shui knowledge to balance your house with the earth energy. Here are some general feng shui tips for your house

- keep all areas of your house and garden free of clutter for easy chi flowing

- every subject at home should be loved by you, if others get rid of it

- place a  merchant ship at a place where you need water element.   Merchant ships are excellent symbols of prosperity. Your ship can’t bring you luck if it’s empty. Fill it up with cargo, f.ex. money, gold bars (real or fake), ingots, jewellery, loose gemstones, crystals, semi-precious stones, faux diamonds, pearls etc.
- everything should be in working condition, without cracks and splits, if others get rid of it

- your main door must be of positive for you color, and must be in one of the best directions for you according to your individual feng shui map (get acquainted with it in my e-books Create your luck with personal feng shui and Treasury feng shui secrets of success and riches)

-  your bedroom should be as far as possible from the main door

- every premise must be organized according to your individual feng shui map  and all sectors should be balanced with special enhancers  (get acquainted with it in my e-books "Create Your Luck with Personal Feng Shui" and "The Treasury Feng Shui Secrets of Success and Riches")

- your life in the house will be happy and prosperous when you practice positive thinking, get acquainted with the bases of positive thinking you can to the following page

- always keep the toilet lid down while not in use. It stops the money from going down the drains.

- keep brooms, mops and trash bins out of sight. It is important for family's well being.

- use wind chimes on the main doors of  your house will distract the negative energy from entering the house.


Articles related to feng shui tips for house.


Pictures and paintings can play very significant role in feng shui design of your premises. In the situation you can not change the color of the wall you may hang a picture or a painting of special color and shape to balance your room. There are 5 types (as there are 5 elements) feng shui paintings and pictures: water, metal, earth, wood and fire pictures and paintings.

Feng shui is all about flow and balance. If your home is cluttered, that flow and balance is hampered and the feel of your home is less peaceful than you may desire.

In Feng Shui, there traditionally are five elements which can be used to help create harmony and balance in your life, as well as to encourage the flow of positive energy. There are colors associated with these five elements that you can use in your home and work surroundings to enhance your life.

Feng Shui is secret and partners of Fortune are on friendly with Feng Shui, because Feng Shui gives real chance to plunge a life of each person in absolute comfort. You heard expression "born under a lucky star ". Feng Shui can become such happy star for many people. Peculiarity of happiness in the same time becomes not the fact of a birth, but the fact of carves a home by the person. For example, to fill life with the absolute happiness is possible correctly having chosen a place for the house. If you attentively peer into an environment, you will see that in the mornings fogs settle in lowlands.

Feng Shui aquariums are popularly believed to be a powerful way to draw auspicious chi of prosperity and good luck into your space, they are believed to be a wealth chi and also serve as beautiful additions to the house. The water symbolizes the flow of life, of growth and the activities of living things. The motion and sounds of the bubbling water as it moves throughout the fish tank activates and increases the positive energy of the area bringing good fortune, wealth and abundance.

Feng shui furniture can represent shapes and materials that reflect Feng shui principles. The elements used in feng shui are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Of these, most commonly used elements in furniture are naturally wood and metal, but we have shapes and colors of the furniture this two elements are very important.

Door Curtains or door paintings with harmonized images or symbols can be used to harmonize the environment or to block away the sha energy. The door curtains or special feng shui pictures could be hung at door in the following situations:

One of the most pleasant things can happen with a person is moving new house. You have some difficulties in choosing the right house? Although there are some rules in transferring to a new house, you should first of all choose the house to transfer in. Many people are more and more conscious about the positive effects of Feng Shui in their lives.

Poison Arrow Cures

The Feng Shui principle of poison arrows is they are Shar Chi known as Killing Breath. The killing breath does just that, it destroys the chi in its path and is detrimental to the residents of the home. Feng Shui warns against Shar Chi or the killing breath.

General tips - what you should avoid doing in your house. Avoid ying energies, corners, dead ends, clutter and etc.

Mirror plays an important role in Feng Shui. This are very powerful subjects as it multiplies everything reflected: clearness, clutter, food, dining table, bed, entrance door, or door to the lavatory. Its very important to place mirror to the right place. When you place any mirror in your home, pay attention to what is being reflected in it. In feng shui terms, the mirror is doubling that energy by creating a virtual duplicate within the virtual space of the reflection. On the other hand Mirror can correct many problems, but they must be used properly.

Here are the absolute 10 basics for Feng Shui beginners - clear clutter, furniture at home, wate and fountains, main - entrance door, imperial sizes, mirrors, colors.

Ceiling beam considered to be a poisoned arrow so you should avoid sleeping, sitting, working, studying and so on under it. You should make most of your scope to avoid being under the ceiling beam...

Transferring to a new house is a very important step that can change your life totally. So be careful, check the feng shui calendar, if the day of transferring is good for you

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