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There is no need to place figurines of mythic animals, Chinese  Buddha and other Chinese souvenirs in every empty corner of your apartment. Certainly You know about the basics of Feng shui: 5 elements- water, wood, earth, metal and fire.    

The most of advices for feng shui of apartment lay on the interactions of these 5 elements, but the modern life has unimaginable variety of shapes, textures, colors and materials and this the true holiday for the imagination of a designer , and every interior's subject belongs to one of the 5 categories that lay on the fundamentals of feng shui For example, the water element you can add in the shape of a fountain or some art composition containing several litres of water. They will differ energetically and by the results of its influence: water with earth (vase with cut flowers) will differ from water with metal (metal fountain, aquarium with coins). The element wood with earth (alive plant in a ceramic flowerpot) of course will differ energetically and by the results of its influence from the element wood with water (plants in water (lotus)), but for all peculiarities you should refer to my e-book Create your luck with personal feng shui.

Good feng shui guarantees comfort, coziness,  seamlessness  and the wish to return this place again and again. And on the other level good feng shui will attract piece of mind, material well-being and strong health to all  members of your family.

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