Feng Shui In The Garden

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Feng shui can be applied in your garden as a garden is pretty much an integral part of one's home. One often retires to his/her garden to be relax and if the principles of feng shui are applied, the relaxation period will be a soothing experience.

The entrance of the garden should face one of the best your directions. According to your personal feng shui map.

There is no restriction on the plants you should grow but having a balance between the warmer coloured flowers and the mellower coloured flowers to enhance the entire garden itself, use corresponding colors in every direction of your garden, divide your garden into eight directions according to the compass and use your personal feng shui map (to build it you can with the e-book -Create your luck with personal feng shui) and use only right colors in your garden in oreder to have prosperity, wealth, love and luck.

Avoiding clutter in a garden is pretty hard but in feng shui clutter is a big no-no so when planting your plants initially try maintaining only a small quantity of plants. It might look a bit deserted and barren at first, but if you add plants gradually, everything will be fine in a few weeks time.

One other thing which you must ensure is that each plant has it's own space to grow and expand as this tip will come in extremely useful to make sure your garden doesn't end up looking like a jungle.

The 5 elements must be incorporated in your garden to ensure tranquility. A birdbath is for water, some lights represent fire, and small boulders represent earth.

Coming to paths in a garden, you should avoid edges and sharp, narrow paths instead of smooth-curved paths to the entrance door of your home.

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