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Your kitchen is the heart of your home, take good care of it. The kitchen is also a symbol of health and prosperity, thus for good feng shui do not place your kitchen close to the main door or to the back door, where the energy can easily disapear. So this space should always be as clean and tidy as possible, symbolizing good health and providing clear space for working and achieving prosperity.

The food you eat gives you energy. For this energy to be of high and healing quality, the food needs to be prepared  in a harmonious and well-organized kitchen. Good nutrition is good feng shui so add healthy, organic foods to your diet, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Simply eat balanced 5- elements nutrition for long youth, happy mood and feeling good. This nutrition carry strong healing vibrations from the earth that your body needs (Read my book Healthy Nutrition. Basis feng shui).

Here are a few more basic feng shui tips for your kitchen:

  1. The kitchen should have several levels of proper lighting, be airy and spacious, clean, bright and welcoming.
  2. For good feng shui keep the kitchen simple and do not overload it with gadgets.
  3. Fresh flowers bring beautiful uplifting energy to your kitchen. Place a bowl with juisy fruits, a vase of flowers, or alive plant. But not anywhere, in some places the flowers can bring only misfortune to your family. In my e-book the" The Treasury Feng Shui secrets of Success and Riches".I write the exact places where you may place the flowers.

A balanced feng shui kitchen should have colors, elements, shapes and objects distribution placed according to feng shui guidelines as well as to human comfort.

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