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Feng shui metal element description - color, shape, geographical direction, symbol.

Feng shui metal element Metal is very strong and powerful element, it symbolizes life energy and intelligence.Metal symbolizes the power of heavens, success and business. Metal is another main feng shui element. It represents success in businesses and harvesting, represents our material being, brings power, it increases analytical skills. Metal influences on mental clarity and logic. Furthermore, metal is a symbol of wealth, success, leadership. The lack of metal leads to the feeling of caution, stillness and absence of concentration. The excess of this element can lead to making rash and hasty decisions

Feng shui metal element description

Metal color   

white, silver and gold

Metal shape or surface

circle or oval shapes and crescent                   

Metal geographical direction

west, north-west

Metal chinese name Jin
Metal human symbol

adult years

Metal symbol Tiger
Metal geometrical symbol Circle
Metal subjects

bells, coins, different metal subjects (steel, iron, aluminum silver, gold), pictures of coins

Metal Ying and Yang ratio

less Ying

Metal positive combination Metal and Earth
Metal destructive combination

Metal and Fire

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