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Utilizing feng shui principles, people create comfortable, safe, and re-energizing environments for themselves and the people who visit their buildings or dwellings. With proper Feng Shui principles applied, people can see the results of happier attitudes, more prosperity, more sense of harmony and balance, an improvement in health and well being.

Here are three main feng shui principles (so called three foundations)

1. The five elements. Ch'i energy can be manifested in five forms - the five elements of fire, earth, wood, water, or metal. The Chinese believe these elements affect everything we do. The productive cycle of 5 elements looks like that:

  • Wood burns producing Fire.
  • Fire leaves behind Earth.
  • Earth is the source of Metal.
  • Metal liquefies into flowing liquid like Water (or another explanation is that Metal when cooled it creates condensation).
  • Water then becomes the nourishment for the Wood.

2.The eight trigrams. A Trigram is a structure made up of three parallel lines. These individual lines might be Yin or Yang. Yang is a solid bar and Yin is a broken bar. The eight trigrams are the secret of life. Each trigram represents a different "house, your house is determined by your date of birth. The Personal Trigram gives the element and trigram that a person belongs to. Additionally, the trigrams hold the keys to understanding the who or what is affected by the Feng Shui of a building.

3. Yin and yang. It is the Chinese perspective of balance and continual change. Yin (black) and yang (white) are the harmonizing factors of the universe. Yin and yang are totally dependent upon one another and one does not exist without the other. In feng shui, the goal is to achieve a balance of yin and yang.

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