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study, home ofiice feng shuiOn the following pages of this section you will find information about feng shui for study, home office and cabinet: feng shui colors of study, home office and cabinet, feng shui pictures, feng shui design for study room, furniture for cabinet, feng shui tips for study, home office and cabinet, rules, photo, pictures and wallpapers for study and business, position of work table and computer table, feng shui office chair, feng shui arm-chairs for business partners, feng shui shelving, bookcases and racks.

The study is an important room in the house. This room needs a lot of positive energy. It is important to keep this room tidy and uncluttered, if the room is cluttered and messy it will produce Sha energy. As this is a room where we require creativity and contemplation, so there must be as much Chi as possible in the room. A comfortable high-backed chair should be placed there, place a picture that associates you with positive emotions concerning study and business to help the flow of creative energy.

The desk should be placed so that the window is to the left of the seating position and the door can be seen from the desk. The person's back should not be to the door. Choose a room with the biggest window in a house to attract most Chi. Add a mirror to reflect the light in the room, if there is no window.
Plants, especially peace lilies, can help minimize the effects of electrical radiation from office equipment. They also bring their own living energy into the working situation. To know can you or not use plants you may from my e-book" The Treasury Feng Shui secrets of Success and Riches".

The detailed information about the placement of special enhancers and attraction of  success in examinations and study is placed in my e-books. It is very important to follow the Individual Feng shui map, because you can only do much harm by placing the wrong subjects in wrong places, please get know about it in greater details from my e-books"Create your Luck with personal Feng Shui" and " The Treasury Feng Shui secrets of Success and Riches".

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Pictures and paintings can play very significant role in feng shui design of your premises. In the situation you can not change the color of the wall you may hang a picture or a painting of special color and shape to balance your room. There are 5 types (as there are 5 elements) feng shui paintings and pictures: water, metal, earth, wood and fire pictures and paintings.

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