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Feng shui water element description - color, shape, geographical direction, symbol

FENG SHUI WATER ELEMENT Water is considered to be the initial element, that makes the birth to all the other elements and symbolizes wealth.Water has the clear and fresh effects. The water balance causes inspiration, wisdom and  astuteness. The excess of water leads to flabbiness and despondency. Too many water makes the feeling of unbalance, the feeling you are sinking, alarm. The lack of water leads to the feeling of loneliness, apartness, stress, and insignificance

Feng shui water element description

Water color       blue, black, deep dark tones
Water shape or surface aquarium, pictures with images of fish or water, subjects
of rounded waved shape
Water geographical direction     north
Water chinese name Shui
Water human symbol old human years
Water symbol Tortoise
Water geometrical symbol Waved line
Water subjects aquarium, fountain, pictures with images of fish or water
waved subjects
Water Ying and Yang ratio   more Ying
Water positive combination Water and Metal
Water destructive combination Water and Earth

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