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FENG SHUI WOOD ELEMENT Feng shui wood element description - color, shape, geographical direction, symbol. The wood symbolizes growth, creativity, brings luck in money. This element empowers the creativity, represents innovation, creativity and birth. The excess of wood leads to overestimation of the potential, inspires with fussiness, cruelty, also with obstinacy and   inflexibility. At the same time the lack of wood element can be reflected in absence of creativity, depression, indecision,  and languor.

Feng shui wood element description

Wood color    green
Wood shape or surface

rectangular shape, articles from straw, paper and textile,
pictures with woods, green pictures

Wood geographical direction

east, south-east

Wood chinese name Mu
Wood human symbol


Wood symbol Dragon
Wood geometrical symbol Rectangular
Wood subjects alive flowers, trees, wood subjects, furniture
Wood Ying and Yang ratio less Yang
Wood positive combination Wood and Water
Wood destructive combination

Wood and Metal

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