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Cycle of Elements: According to Feng Shui, there are five elements in nature. These are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

The first element is wood as it signifies the beginning of new life. We do not mean furniture by wood in Feng Shui. We always mean live plant as in flower pot.

The second element is fire signifying yang or male energy.

The third element is Earth. By earth we do not mean only soil but also stone, rock, clay etc.

The fourth is the metal element which is found in many forms like gold, silver, copper, steel etc.

Water is the fifth and key element in feng shui There is no life without water. In Feng Shui practice water should always be clear and free flowing.

These elements are inter-related in two ways, which means that there are two types of cycles of these elements. The productive cycle and  the destructive cycle.

Five elements cycle (productive and destructive )

Five elements cycle (productive and destructive )

Productive Cycle of Elements: The wood element produces fire element, which means that you can, produce fire by burning wood. Fire in turn produces earth, because the fire burns and creates ash (earth). Earth produces metal, because metal is mined from the earth. Metal produces water; this is said because metal can be melted and then it acquires liquid state like water. Water produces wood because by watering only we can grow plants.

Destructive Cycle of Elements: In the destructive cycle you can easily see that wood destroys earth, because trees grow on earth and suck away all minerals and leave the earth barren. Fire destroys metal as metal is melted by fire. Earth element destroys water element because earth (mud) absorbs all the water when it rains. Metal destroys wood because all the sharp instruments that cut wood like axe, hacksaw etc. are made of metal.  Water element destroys fire element as water can extinguish any fire.

A beginner may take a while to understand the cycle of elements, but once you understand it properly, it is very easy to use it for enhancing your house. By properly placing furniture, metal objects, water ponds, aquariums, walls in our home and office we can ensure that the place is filled with positive energy by ensuring productive cycle of elements and the influence of negative energy is reduced. This will ensure greater harmony, peace, prosperity and good luck in our life.

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