Make your deams come true with meditation. Free e-book

Make your deams come true with meditation - feng shui practicsThis book is an illustrated Feng Shui doctrine, that provides you information about meditation. You can find here consecutive steps how to reach the high point of meditation-bardo and get to know how to rule your life and fulfill your desires in meditation.

Meditation is a fine way of daily influence on the health worldwide and formation of the future happy and successful events of your life. Healing of the spirit makes the person even more handsome, and skill to form desirable events in the life allocates him with harmony and absolute happiness.

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How to get all the pleasures of the life - magic of positive psychology. Book 1 Free e-book

How to get all the pleasures of the life-Positive psychology It is cool to own something real, because there is not so much real in the world. And the magic Psychology is that true technique which allows to learn by means of mind to grant the desires and to stop readout lost of days and years. Everything begins to find sense owing to Magic Psychology.

It is necessary, to be on the sunny side of a life, should learn to define influences of negative Yin energy and positive Yang energy. Negative Yin energy and positive Yang energy connect to emotional streams very closely and with your fortune. The sunny side of a life connects to positive Yang energy. Positive energy can be accumulated and transformed from negative energy. If you sincerely want to solve your problems, to grant your desires and to realize your dreams, it is necessary for you to move purposefully to the sunny side of life. Only there, you will find a guarantee that everything, you want, will come true and you'll get all the pleasures of the life.
Every second , minute turn into year and if the person expects happiness, but does not go aside the sunny side of a life, his chances to find what he wants and to construct around himself that world which he wants, are lost for ever.

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Five Elements Healthy Nutrition - Feng Shui basis

Healthy nutrition - Feng Shui basisThis rejuvenating nutrition system is one of carefully protected secrets which were used for success by emperors of ancient China., charming geisha of modern Japan and the richest people of the world use this today. Moreover, all those who consider for necessary to be healthy, beautiful, and safe and look like much more younger use this system.Rejuvenating and health-improving effects are reached by presence in food of all necessary micro elements provided through the Five Elements Healthy Nutrition. Five-element nutrition and breath create high-grade blood, which is an optimum building material for improvement and rejuvenation of cells. Five-element healthy nutrition can use any person in any age, selecting for himself five categories of products from those products which he likes also which are preferred for his (her) organism.
And the earlier the person will start to eat five-elementary, the less time is required to become your skin velvety, and body healthy and stronger.

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