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Improving Your Workout with Feng Shui

Ready, set, go!  With only 45-minutes to work out, you want to get the most out of your exercise routine.  Whether you have a small corner of your bedroom with free weights and a treadmill, or a complete workout studio in your basement, there are some easy and effective ways to incorporate feng shui principles into the space’s design to make your workout more effective.  While it may not be a complete redesign, a few feng shui principles can go a long way to making your 45-minutes more energy-charged and powerful.

Let the Light Shine In
Instead of harsh artificial lighting, opt for as much natural lighting as possible in your workout space.  Natural lighting is energizing and promotes good energy flow, but artificial lighting tends to take it away.  If you are not keen on everyone seeing you exercise when you put your curtains up, opt for sheer curtains that you can hang that will still block most of the view, but that will let light shine through. 

Natural is Better
Natural fibers and fabrics have a much better feel and energy to them than synthetic fibers do.  If you have the option between a natural grass mat and a rubberized one, choose the natural one for a more harmonious space.  It is also a good idea to include some full, green plants to increase the positive energy flow and promote health.

Color Me Bold
While the other areas in your home should be decorated with calming colors that will soothe and help you unwind, the workout space that you use should have some bold, vibrant colors.  Red is a particularly popular shade for workout spaces, as are yellow and purple.  If you have a small corner in which to work, hang a purple towel on a hook for after you are finished with your workout or frame an inspirational message or picture in a red frame by your treadmill.  There is no need to paint the entire space the vibrant color, but significant amounts of the shade should be clear and present.

Cool Down
Imagine sitting in your home on a hot summer day with the air conditioning running all day long.  While your body may be cool, chances are that your energy is zapped and your might even be a bit congested thanks to the artificial cooling.  Instead of using an air conditioner in your workout space, throw open the windows and turn on the fans to let air flow freely through the space.  Not only will the fans help to cool the room down, they will also help disperse some of the odors commonly associated with a heavy-duty workout.

Feng shui is versatile enough to provide effective principles in all of the areas of your home and your workout space is no exception.  By creating a spot that has good energy flow and encourages you to workout, you are more likely to be motivated and enthusiastic about tackling your workout routine.  Take the time to add a few feng shui ideas and see your 45-minute workout transformed.

Senior staff writer for Metal-Wall-Art.com, Alyssa Davis, offers design advice on decorating with interior metal wall art and abstract metal hangings.

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