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As you know feng shui philosophy based on interaction of 5 elements, which correspond the color and shape. So the nails can also carry certain information energy.

Meaning of the nail's shape.Manicure in feng shui Fire element nails in feng shui

Shape «stylet» corresponds to the Fire element, which symbolizes fame and reputation. So long and sharp nails can be made for those who need a little more personal enhancement in the public sphere, also they give powerful protection.


Meaning of the nail's shape.Manicure in feng shui

Wood element nails in feng shui

The shape of «square» they divide into 2 variants: vertical rectangular – Wood element (this form will attract realization of plans and projects) and horizontal rectangular - Earth element (this shape will attract the stability).

Meaning of the nail's shape.Manicure in feng shui Metal element nails in feng shui

Nails of oval shape belong to the Metal element and symbolize support and sponsorship.


Meaning of the nail's shape.Manicure in feng shuiWater element nails in feng shui

Nails with waved free edge (Water element) can be seen very rare, for ex. models at competitions love this shape. This effect can be achieved using the cutter. The energetic sense of this shape is money flow.


Nails with beveled edge belong to Wood and Fire element. According to the productive cycle of 5 elements Wood feeds Fire, so this shape will promote successful business development, promotion and productive results.

You can use the shape, color and feng shui symbols to chive better results. Do not hesitate, fantasize and create nails masterpieces attracting love, money and success!

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Utilizing feng shui principles, people create comfortable, safe, and re-energizing environments for themselves and the people who visit their buildings or dwellings. With proper Feng Shui principles applied, people can see the results of happier attitudes, more prosperity, more sense of harmony and balance, an improvement in health and well being.

Mirrors can create the balance and harmony you are seeking for your home or office, but also they can harm as they can help. So be very care with the usage of the mirrors.

Q- I wonder what the element of wall clocks is and where should I place the clocks in my house? A- In general clocks are Wood element (because they are going and moving).

Q- What do the images of celestial bodies symbolize – sun, moon, and stars? A- The sunrise is the symbol of Fire element. The sunset is the symbol of the end of the characters connected with the sector,

The basement of Feng shui is the concept of 5 elements, symbols, trigram and the philosophy of yin and yang. The color plays the main importance, it creates specific energy around the person and this energy attracts specific changes in human's life from the simple luck to a huge success.

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