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You can achieve improved energy by optimizing the Feng Shui of your food. Elemental balance in food can be achieved through use of colors. Use of 5 feng shui colors: Yellow (earth), White (metal), Black (water), Green (wood) and  Red (fire).

Nutrition - feng shui philosophy

So cut in two parts large, firm tomatoes, take out the  middle of the tomatoes. Cut Ham and mix with green peas, sour cream, cut garlic and salt. Fill tomatoes with this mixture. Serve up with tomato juice, this would be a much better Feng Shui choice.

Fruits and vegetables come in an array of colors; use them to your Feng Shui advantage. You don't have to eat every color in the rainbow at every meal, but more colors in your diet will go a long way towards optimizing your Feng Shui.

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The dishes you serve your food in can also increase your prosperity and abundance. Ornate or expensive looking dishes carry wealth luck. Chinese or Asian dishes with fish designs or other wealth related designs also improve your wealth energy. Crystal glasses also improve the energy of your dining room table.

The best way to serve up a meal that symbolizes prosperity and abundance is to set up your dining room table with your favorite fancy setting and crystal or crystal-like glassware, fill your table with an abundance of wonderful food (more food, more money), and double the food (thereby doubling your wealth) by hanging a mirror that reflects your dining table.

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