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What can cause problems with cash flow according to feng shui

What can cause problems with cash flow according to feng shui

Do you wonder why some businesses are financially prosperous while others of equal merit fail? It's a well known fact that environment affects our health. But did you know that financial success could greatly depend on the arrangement of your furniture, how well or poorly qi is flowing through the corresponding sectors of our immediate environment.

Here are some matters that can cause financial problems:

1. Front Door of wrong color. The main door to your house or business is a key point for traffic and flow of ch'i. So it should be well balanced and of one auspicious color for you. To know more about balancing this the most important thing of your house you can discover from my e-book The treasury Feng shui secrets of Success and riches

2. Your business or apartment is in the end of dark, cramped hallway or opposite to the toilet door. How to solve this problem you can discover from the article Sha

3. Broken or dirty stove. Stoves represent wealth and should be kept clean and in good working order to allow money to enter. Avoid hanging knives or sharp utensils from kitchen cabinets; they can slice through the ch'i.

4. Broken or dirty toilet, blocked up pipes or ventilation. Toilet, bathroom pipes and ventilation these are the channels for wealth chi, keep them always in working order.

5. Blue roof. Cover your house and business with any color except the blue. Blue roofs will cause financial problems and useless purchases

6. Money enhancers on the floor. Never place money enhancers on the floor, use some stands for them.

7. Clatter. Clatter in your money sector according to your individual feng shui map. You can discover about it from my e-book The treasury Feng shui secrets of Success and riches

8. Broken, glued or cracked enhancers. Never place broken, glued or cracked enhancers, they are the source of negative energy.

"Create your luck with personal Feng shui"



You might be familiar with the Chinese art of Feng Shui and its contributions to ancient and modern design, but the ancient practice of balancing chi

With millions of get-rich-quick schemes available today, it becomes necessary to find the most effective methods of making money for your career

If you are starting a new business venture, there are a number of Feng Shui techniques and practices that you can use to help insure its success. Since Feng Shui focuses on the impact that the environment and surroundings can have on a person's success, the time to incorporate Feng Shui is at the very start of your business venture.

There are a number of different ways that you can use Feng Shui to attract wealth into your life. However, it's important to realize that the Chinese don't include only money as a measure of wealth; they believe that wealth encompasses everything else in our life as well, such as our family and health. By using Feng Shui, you will help give yourself the necessary support that you will require to achieve the wealth that you desire.

Once my old friend has come to me and has told the history. He read many books about Feng-Shui and has tried all accessible techniques. Experimenting, he has lost nearly a significant part of his property, health and money. But craving for riches, prosperity and well-being violently pushed him to new experiments. Magic crystals, aquariums, air hand bells excited him and encouraged. In Feng-Shui books, which he read, unanimously affirmed, that Feng-Shui is safe or yields only positive results

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